Local mom Maria Gomes-Sternberg understands the struggle of finding stylish, eco-friendly, and affordable apparel and accessories that are gentle on both your skin and the planet. As a woman who juggles many responsibilities, she knows firsthand how difficult it is to find clothing that meets these criteria. That’s why she created Aqua Allure® – a brand designed for busy, eco-conscious women like you!

Aqua Allure® goes beyond fashion; it’s a community where sustainability meets style. Frustrated by fast fashion and the lack of options for sensitive skin, quality, and timeless styles, Maria set out to create a solution. Aqua Allure® uses recycled and organic materials to craft luxurious, eco-friendly apparel and accessories, so you can look good and feel good, knowing you’re making a positive impact with every purchase.

"Creating Aqua Allure® was about more than just starting a fashion line," says Gomes-Sternberg. "It was about building a community of women who care deeply about their impact on the planet and still want to look stylish and elegant."

Imagine indulging in soft organic cotton and European linen, carrying your essentials in stylish water-resistant totes made from organic canvas and innovative Appleskin leather, all packaged in 100% recycled materials – because every detail matters. Aqua Allure® prioritizes ethical practices throughout its supply chain, using OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and advocating for small-batch production as a woman-owned business. They’ve even partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree with every purchase. To date, OneTreePlanted has planted over 135+ million trees, reducing greenhouse gases and ocean acidification among other benefits!

The latest collection features essentials designed for the busy, eco-conscious woman: functional, water-resistant totes for effortless transitions, luxuriously soft Turkish towels for poolside relaxation, super-soft and breathable BCI cotton T-shirts, and sand-resistant beach ponchos for effortless post-swim style.

"Aqua Allure® allows women to feel confident and beautiful inside and out," says Gomes-Sternberg. "Whether you’re running errands, heading to the gym, or on a relaxing family vacation, you’re making a positive difference with every purchase."

Aqua Allure® is about more than clothes. It’s about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who value sustainability, style, and social responsibility. They will be hosting local events and connecting with you online to provide educational content, styling tips, and inspiring stories. Embrace your sustainable style and empower yourself while making a difference. Join the Aqua Allure® community!

Get 10% OFF your first order with code (PATCH10) at www.aquaallure.com or follow them on Instagram @aqua_allure. Style with a conscience, fashion with a purpose.